Pnfeiszl-Jandl Wine Duet Dinner

In April we are heading to the north-western region of Hungary, Sopron. The traditions for the production of grapes and the wine making of the region started way back in the Roman times, so it justly deserves the „historical” flag. Vinery Pfneiszl was founded in 1993 by the family, Birgit and Katrin took over the wheel in 2006, switching to organic production. As the result of the excellent features of the region, the breezes, the plenty of sunshine, the careful service of the girls and their passion for their calling, they managed to prepare flawless wines  The Jandl Vinery is the fruit of hard work of father and son. By honouring the traditions and the nature  you just get closer with each sip to the  secrets of the wine region. Their speciality is the Blue Frankish, what they are bottleing three kinds from.

Taste the mouth-watering aroma, along with the perfectly composed six-course menu, combined with the excellent wines by Áron Barka, Chef de Cuisine, Gábor Kovács, the President of the Hungarian Sommelier Club and Ákos Kovács, the Manager of ARAZ Restaurant.

The Pfneiszl - Jandl wine duet dinner takes place on the:
27th April 2017, (Thursday) 7 p.m.

Please arrive up until 6:50 p.m.


Pfneiszl Zefír 2016 - Jandl Rosé 2016
Tuna Cream Bites

Pfneiszl Kékfrankos Újra együtt 2014 - Jandl Kékfrankos 2015
Spring Salad with Dried Ham, Ilmici Cheese, Fennel and Vanilla Seasoned Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pfneiszl Merlot Klasszikus 2015 - Jandl Merlot 2013
Piquant Fish Soup with Pasta Bundle

Pfneiszl Shiraz Hugó a nyomunkban 2012 - Jandl Shiraz 2013
Caramelized Pork Knuckle with Jam, Poppy Seed Noodles and Parsnip Paste

Pfneiszl Távoli világ 8. évjárat - Jandl Missio 2015
Pork Cheek Ragout with Asparagus, Mushrooms, Eggplant Cream and Homemade Egg Barley

Pfneiszl Impression Rouge 2011 - Jandl Nádbor 2015
Brownie and Cheese Cake with Coffee seasoned Mulberry Ice Cream

Price: HUF 12.990 /person
Please note that we have an additional 10% service charge.

Because of limited number of seats, reservation is necessary. The price above is inclusive of free parking in our parking garage.

Tel.: +36 1-815-1100

Pnfeiszl-Jandl Wine Duet Dinner