Chef's summer offer

The ARAZ Restaurant does not let its guests down during the summer either. Let Mr. Áron Barka, Chef de Cuisine introduce uniquely special ingredients and dishes in his new summer offer. From 19th June 2016 choose from the typical summer seasoned selection. Check out the menu below.


  • Rose Seasoned Peach Cream Soup with Almond Crisps 1050.-
  • Caprese Salad with Buffalo Mozzarella 2050.-
  • Sweet and Sour Roasted King Crab Served on a Bed of Salad 3450.-

Main dishes:

  • Butterfish Fillet with Olive-Citrus Salad 3050.-
  • Rib Eye Steak with Foil Wrapped Baked Potatoes, Baked Garlic, Cabbage Salad and Smoked BBQ Sauce 5750.-
  • Marinated Sirloin – Bacon Roasted Potatoes, Baked Chili Tomato and Jus 3850.-


  • Ice Cream Sundae  1750.-

with Chocolate Sauce, Fresh Fruits, Whipped Cream and Popping Candy

  • Ice cream selection:

Price/ scoop of ice cream 350.-

~ Cottage Cheese and Sour Cherry Ice Cream
~ Floating Island Ice Cream
~ Lavender and Cranberry Ice Cream with Bisquits
~ Coffee and White Chocolate Ice Cream

Other options for table reservation:
Tel: +36 1-815-1100

Our Prices are in HUF.
Please note that we have an additional 10% service charge.

Chef's summer offer