Berecz-Bárdos Wine Duet Dinner

In March two contemporary wineries of the Tokaj wine region are going to be presented at Restaurant ARAZ. Winery Kikelet was founded by Mrs Stephanie Berecz and her husband Mr. Zsolt Berecz in 2002, with an inheritance of the Tokaj wine region’s natural conditions. Their sophisticated, deliberate, nature-minded vine cultivation requires much of hand work. TheTokajer Nobilis Wine Estate was founded in 2000 by Ms. Sarolta Bárdos and her family on grounds, which served as vineyards already hundred years ago. The family, craft winery is to be found in Bodrogkeresztúr.

Taste the mouth-watering aroma, along with the perfectly composed six-course menu, combined with the excellent wines byÁron Barka, Chef de Cuisine, Gábor Kovács, the President of the Hungarian Sommelier Club and Ákos Kovács, the Manager of ARAZ Restaurant.


The Berecz Stephanie - Bárdos Sarolta Wine Duet Dinner takes place:

on the 23rd March 2017 at 7 p.m. 

Arrival: up until 6:50 p.m.


Kikelet Brut Hárslevelű 2013 - Nobilis Sárgamuskotály 2015
Goose Rilette with Confited Peach

Kikelet Furmint 2015 - Nobilis Susogó Furmint 2015
Burbot with Apple – Brussels Sprouts, Green Peas and Almond Butter

Kikelet Kassai Hárslevelű 2015 - Nobilis „A három Grácia” 2015
Citrus seasoned Pullet Fricassée

Kikelet Váti Furmint 2015 - Nobilis Barakonyi Furmint 2015
Poultry Loaf filled „derelye” Pasta with Kohlrabi Velouté

Kikelet Lónyai Hárslevelű 2015 - Nobilis Hárs 2015
Crispy Veal Neck served with Baked Pear-Cottage Cheese Pasta

Kikelet Szamorodni 2012 - Nobilis Amicus 2011
Caramel Pudding with Rice Souffle and Fig Jam


Price: HUF 12.990 /person
Please note that we have an additional 10% service charge.


Because of limited number of seats, reservation is necessary. The price above is inclusive of free parking in our parking garage.


Table reservation
Telefon: +36 1-815-1100

Berecz-Bárdos Wine Duet Dinner