BBQ Party

Starting on 8th June - every Thursday night

Summer is continuing so are the series of the unforgettable BBQ parties! Every Thursday team of Áron Barka, Chef de Cuisine are awaiting their guests with the feeling of American BBQ Parties at ARAZ Terrace. 

There is no cancelling even if the wheather is rainy!

We offer a glass of sparkling wine as welcome drink, unlimited food consumption and 2-hour unlimited drink consumption from drafted beer, Bellini by ARAZ and fruity homemade lemonade.

Our bartenders are intorducing new cocktail specialities every time.

Entertainment is guaranteed by DJ Starsky Sound and his funky latin music mix.

Time and date: From 8th JUNE 2017
every thursday from 7 pm.



❖  Cold Avocado Seasoned Cucumber Soup with Roasted Peanuts
❖  Chili Corn Cream Soup


❖ Dill and Corn Seasoned Zucchini Salad with Roasted Cajun Loin Stripes
❖ Marinated Salmon Salad
❖ American Cabbage Salad
❖ BBQ Bean Salad with Fried Californian Pepper
❖ Eggplant Cream with Garlic Rusk  
❖ Salad Bar

Main dishes:

❖Chisken Breast Marinated in Yogurt and Chili
❖ Cornflakes Breaded Spicy Chicken Wings
❖ Ginger BBQ Pork Ribs
❖ Bacon and Spicy Tenderloin Roulade Skewer
❖ Argentin Rib Eye Steak Marinated in Ruccola and Chili
❖ Pork Spare Ribs Marinated in Piquant Tomato   
❖ Grilled Sausage with Curry Sauce
❖ Homemade Beef Hamburger  
❖ Rosemary-Garlic Branzino Filet

Side dishes:

❖ Buttered Corn on the Cob Boiled with its Leaves
❖ Roasted Rice with Eggs
❖ Potato Purée with Sour Cream
❖ Piquant Roasted Vegetables with Maple Syrup
❖ Foil Wrapped Baked Potatoes with Spicy Sour Cream
❖ Salty Coriander American Pancakes


❖ Cheddar Cheese - Bacon Sauce
❖ BBQ Sauce
❖ Lime and Orange Flavored Yogurt Sauceet
❖ Piquant Sour Cream Sauce
❖ Cocktail Sauce


❖ Red Velvet Cake
❖ American Apple Pie
❖ Lemon Cheese Cake
❖ Plum Cobbler with Marshmallows
❖ Peanut Butter Blondie Cup Cream with Raspberry Ragout


Please note that we have an additional 10% service charge.

Our programs are free under the age of 6, between the age of 6 until 12 we offer 50% discount!

Parking is free in our underground garage with entrace from Nyár street!

We are looking forward to your visit!


Options for reservation:
Tel.: +36 1-815-1100

BBQ Party